Rezekne Meat Factory

Rezekne Meat Factory was founded in 2001. At present, the volume of production occupies a leading position in Latvia. Rezekne Meat Factory also highly rated by consumers in countries such as Estonia, Lithuania, England, Germany, Russia and others.


Energy Management System has been audited and meets the requirements of the ISO 50001:2018 standard.

Energy Management System has been audited and meets the requirements of the ISO 50001:2018 standard.


Rezekne meat factory, Ltd.  has certified deboning, production of chilled and frozen meat products (including edible offal) from pork and production of canned meat in accordance with the prestigious and internationally recognized British Retail Consortium (BRC) Global Standard for Food Safety, receiving an A-level assessment.



Members of the Latvian meat processing association.


Obtained certificate Energy Management System ISO 50001:2018


Obtained certificate ISO 22000:2018


Pork sausages and doctor's sausages MINI of product line “Quality standart” received an award "Product of the Year 2017".


Obtained certificate Energy Management System ISO 50001:2011

Product line "Bonuka favorite" received an award "Product of the Year 2016".

In assortment "Bonuka favorite" are sausages (without casing) and dumplings (without onions), which does not contain flavor enhancer E621. Products for our children.

A new fresh meat distribution workshop has opened.


Rezekne Meat Factory sausages "Real" and dried salami "With cranberry" received an award "Product of the Year 2015".

Gada prece 2015


Obtained certificates: ISO 9001:2008, ISO 22000:2005.

Products of Rezekne Meat Factory received an award "Product of the Year 2014".

Cold smoked sausage "Rēzeknes", cold smoked sausage "Rāznas jubilejas", and for the first time among the award winners are frozen products – dumplings "Real".

The key to success is a carefully selected high-quality raw materials and original recipes using the highest quality spices.

Gada prece 2014


Sausages "Viennese", scalded pork sausages "Extra", smoked sausage "Alkšņu" – received an award "Product of the Year 2013".

Latvian Traders Association in 2013 granted this award in order to identify and promote the favourite customer’s products. In research of the association the largest trading companies of the country have taken part. In the nomination "Product of the Year 2013" in meat products category, prize went to sausages "Viennese", scalded pork sausages "Extra" and smoked sausage "Alkšņu".

In 2014 Rezekne Meat Factory started the production of dumplings "Real".

Dumplings "Real" were brought to market only in February 2014, in a very short period of time the product has reached a stable sales performance and conquered best selling position among frozen products of Rezekne Meat Factory. This product is characterized by the words: more meat, less dough.


"Product of the year 2012".

Doctor sausage "Augstākā labuma" and cervelat "Alkšņu" got award "Product of the year 2012".


“Valetudo Patriae” diploma

During the exhibition "Riga food 2012" Rezekne Meat Factory receives award "Valetudo Patria" from Latvian Medical Association for the investment in strengthening the health of Latvian population.

Obtained certificates: ISO 9001:2008, ISO 22000:2005


Production without E.

Rezekne Meat Factory the first started collaboration with Latvian Medical Association and produced series without the E products.

Company started the production of cold-smoked sausages in Daugavpils..

"Alkšņu" scalded sausages got award "Product of the year".


Company opened plant of frozen production and dumplings in Pinki.

Company started production of cold-smoked sausages.


Canned production manufacture started to work, result - increasing assortment range and export volumes.


"Rāznas" cooked sausage was awarded as "Favorite product" in RIMI store's in meat production group.


After the modernization process company has turned into all EU complianted manufacturing facility with a modern slaughterhouse. 


Rezekne Meat Factory was awarded with prize "Gazele" as fastest growing company in Latvia.


HACCP system was implemented.


Company was established.

25 employees, assortment consists of about 20 products. The first customers - retail partners in Rezekne, the most important customers – stores Rimi, Maxima.


Rigas street 22, Rezekne, LV-4601

(+371) 64607300


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