Rezekne Meat Factory

Rezekne Meat Factory is full cycle meat processing company (starting with the slaughtering of livestock and ending with the finished product delivery to shops).

Each production step is provided by strict sanitary control. Rezekne Meat Factory has been certified by ISO, BRC.

Product quality has been assessed by the Rezekne Meat Factory consumers and it also serves as a key factor in consumer choice in favor of Rezekne Meat Factory production.


After the modernization process in 2006, company has turned into all EU compliant manufacturing facility with a modern slaughterhouse which allows offer high quality products.

Distribution and packaging of fresh meat

Svaigās gaļas sadale un iepakošana

In 2017, a new fresh meat distribution workshop was opened, providing high-quality raw materials for our own consumption and significantly increasing monthly production.

Smoking chamber for cold smoked sausages

Desu un žāvējumu ražotne un iepakošana

The meat is prepared in a special way using high-quality spices, as well as by smoking and drying in natural environment - in alder and beech smoke.

Canning plant

Canned food production was started in 2009. Presently, canned food production include more than 75 products made of beef, pork, chicken and game meat.

Frozen food and ready-to-cook meal production

Semi-finished and frozen food production includes dumplings with pork, beef, lamb, chicken and halal dumpling with beef, also pancakes, meatballs, varenyky and others.

Dumplings and other frozen products manufactured by Rezekne Meat Factory are available in all shops and stores in Latvia, as well as in many parts of Europe.

Game animals

Rezekne Meat Factory buys game meat. It is also possible to make canned meat and other products from your game meat. Call for more information: + (371) 25705555.

Warehousing, transport and logistics

Noliktavas, transports un loģistika

This is a great benefit for the end consumer - the company can fully guarantee the quality of products, the best price and, thanks to the company's logistics, also the prompt and always fresh delivery of products to stores.


Rigas street 22, Rezekne, LV-4601

(+371) 64607300


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